We always strive to provide the best for our customers including the delivery of goods. Delivery of goods one of the services we always give extra and full attention.

Any items we send will be checked first, apart from checking the delivery destination, we also ensure that the goods are in good condition without any problems and in accordance with the details ordered. Goods to be shipped will be packed by us and given our company seal, this is to avoid from actions that harm us or customers.

For delivery within the city, the goods will be delivered directly by our courier in accordance with the specified range, and are free of charge.
Shipments outside town or outside the province, the goods will be delivered directly by our courier if it is within our reach or working area, otherwise we will use the shipping company.

For shipments abroad we use a delivery service company that will be tailored to the reach of the destination area.

Delivery time will be adjusted to the destination address. But the customer can determine the desired time when making the delivery.

We also provide free shipping on terms and conditions apply.
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